C U S T O M   N E C K L A C E S
Onyx Pyrite and
Garnet necklace
Butterfly Jasper and
Citrine necklace
Red Chalcedony
Victoria started making jewelry based on a personal design that catches the eye and
evokes the ethereal. Paired with beautiful and unique stones from all over the world
that she carefully shops for, Victoria creates these sterling silver pieces that can be
ordered by stone type, color and size.

If you have a stone that you would like set into a design, or if you want something
new, Victoria can take you shopping for that color piece you've always wanted and
make it into jewelry that is truly unique. You'll have everyone asking, "Where did you
get that?!"

Small necklaces measure approximately 2"W x 1"H and start at $100
Large necklaces measure approximately 2 1/2"W x 3"H and start at $200
Chains vary to complement design and can be ordered at any length.
Jasper necklace
Atlantic Blue
Jasper necklace
Blue Lace
Agate with
hanging Leaf