From the simple to the utterly wild, Victoria can design pieces just for you in silver,
gold, with precious gems or one of a kind stones. Present your ideas to her or let
Victoria create something unique. Gifts for five special bridesmaids, a different
mother's day present, or just a little something for yourself. You'll never get tired
of hearing, "Wow, where did you get that?!"

Whether it's a belt buckle, bookmark or bauble, you can have a piece that is
yours and yours only.
Custom orders clockwise from top left:
"Think of England" ring re-created from a
1940's piece.
Silver belt buckle with raised initial lettering.
Butterfly jasper with hanging citrine.
Rose Quartz necklace and earrings for a
graduation present.
Chinese Writing Stone in a Japanese-inspired
setting, for a friend.